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Activate Teams

God has given each of us unique talents. At ALC, we want to use those talents to glorify God and serve in His church. Each A-Team has been designed to help you reach your highest potential. No matter what your giftings are, we believe that each person has an important function within the body of Christ. Sign up for an A-Team today and see how God can use the talents He has given you to change the lives of others.
AL Kids Bus Ministry
Coffee Prep Team
Nursing Home Visitation Team
13 groups

Support Services

We believe that the church is established to help the body of Christ in all walks of life. Here are some support services offered by our church that we offer to the ALC community. Interested in helping on service team? Contact the church office at 417-881-1532.
Marriage Counseling
1 group

Belong Groups - For Women

We always want to provide a strong support for women at ALC. Join a group and connect with other women who have a passion for following Christ!
Happy Hour God Talks
R.E.A.L. Women Ministry
Women's Walking Group
3 groups

Belong Groups - For Men

ALC is passionate about helping men pursue Christ passionately. Join a group and build friendship and discipleship relationships with other men in the church!
Businessmen's Luncheon
Men's Golfing Group
Monday Night Football
4 groups

Belong Groups - For Men & Women

Our Belong Groups for men & women allow you to build community across our entire church. Find a group that fits your interests and get plugged in today!
Ogbeifun's Solid Rock Home Group
Kingdom Healthcare Network
Running with Friends
15 groups

Belong Groups - For Young Adults

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. Most meet weekly, some meet less regularly. If you can't find an open group, please let us know!
Lifestyle College Group
AL Community Young Professionals
2 groups

Belong Groups - For Youth

Middle school and high school years can be vital to your spiritual formation! Our youth group stresses biblical teaching and mentorship. Let us help you on the path to adulthood!
ALife 6:33 Youth Group
1 group